Through the Eyes of Another
Intercultural Reading of the Bible


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"We’re glad that even though we are across the globe from you, we are connected."

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About us

This site brings together groups of ordinary readers of the Bible from all over the world. It enables them to get involved in the fascinating adventure of communal and intercultural reading of the Bible.

This website is meant to be interactive. It offers:

- A homepage for every group
- The possibility to communicate directly with your partner group
- The possibility to upload and exchange pictures and reading reports
- Access to all available reading reports 
- A scientific section where you can find analyses of- and articles about intercultural hermeneutics and where scholars can upload their own contributions

Through the participation of groups this website will become a dynamic place of encounter between people who want to look  through the eyes of another.

The procedure is simple. It is described in a short manual. An extensive protocol is also available (click here). It will lead participants step by step through the process.

We welcome you again to the fascinating world of the intercultural Bible reading.


If you have questions about the website you can contact our webmaster.

Questions about the project can be send to the coordinating commitee based at the VU University.

The project Through the Eyes of Another, intercultural reading of the Bible was started in 1999 by an international group of people related to churches, NGO's, seminaries and universities.

The project is coordinated by two more formal entities. The first is a small Coordinating Committee (CC) which consists of persons officially delegated by participating institutions. Members of the Coordinating Committee give the project ongoing attention, including administrative assistance. Members of the Coordinating Committee are:

Dr. Janet Dyk (VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Theology, The Netherlands)

Dr. Gerrit van Ek (Protestant Theological University, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Prof. dr. Daniel Schipani (Institute of Mennonite Studies, Elkhart, USA)

Dr. Hans Snoek (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands); research coordinator

Prof. dr. Klaas Spronk (Protestant Theological University, Kampen, The Netherlands)

Prof. dr. Hans de Wit (VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Theology, The Netherlands)

Administrative staff:
Noortje Blokhuis (VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Theology; administrative support, based in the Netherlands)
Jeroen Jansen (The Netherlands, website) MA

The second is an international Advisory Board (AB).
The task of the advisory board is to give advice, orientation and guidance on a consultative basis.
Its members are:


Prof dr. Eric Anum (Ghana)

Prof dr. Sam Mathew (India)

Prof. Edgar López (Colombia)

Prof. dr. Louis Jonker (Zuid-Afrika)

Prof. dr. Gerald West (Zuid-Afrika)

Prof. dr. Fernando Segovia (VS)

Prof. dr. Rainer Kessler (Duitsland)

Prof. dr. John Prior (Indonesië)

Prof. dr. Klaas Spronk (Nederland),

Prof. dr. Miklos Kocsev (Hongarije)

Dr. Bob Ekblad (VS)

Msc. Violeta Rocha (Costa Rica)