Through the Eyes of Another
Intercultural Reading of the Bible

How to start a group?

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The expectation that it would be boring to read the same story one more time showed to be incorrect. Again new elements arrised that were not thought of before.

Stellenbosch Women


To participate:

  1. register yourself as representative of one or more groups.
  2. When you login as a registered user, you will see a new button labeled 'My Site'. Here you will find pages to manage your group(s). You can:
    • Register a new group
    • Upload reading reports of your group
    • Upload pictures of your group
    • find a partner group to exchange reading reports

If you want to register as a scientist please fill out this form.

Instructions for groups

Groups that register on this website are small groups of Bible readers who gather to read and discuss a Biblical story, first as a group, then again from the perspective of a partner group. You can start your own group with friends, neighbours, fellow students or members of your church.

First, a representative of the group makes a personal account, then he or she can register the group.

The procedure is as follows:
- The representative clics on register and fills in the required data: username - e.g.: Amsterdam group or Nairobi group -, password, names, email address. For names, the representative may use his or her personal names. This personalizes contact with the partnergroup. The email address may be that of the representative, but it is better for the group to have its own email address. Please don't forget to fill in the name of the country where the group is reading the text. This is important for the profile of your group.
- Then you may log in with your personal username and password.
- Now you will be redirected automatically to a page called 'My Site'. There you will find, on the left side, a button named Register a new group. 

In order to register a new group, you will have to fill out three forms:
1. Properties of your group such as name, email address, country, church affiliation, number of men and women etc. This information is used by other groups to find and contact your group, and become partners.
2. Additional information: a description of the background of your group. You may also upload group pictures. 
3. Partner preferences. Here you can provide information about your ideal partner (group). For example, if you prefer a partner group from Africa or Europe, young or old, mixed or only men, etc. These preferences help you when you are searching a partner and are an indication for other groups whether to contact you or not.

You can always change your group profile in My Site. You also can hide your group or indicate that it is not active anymore. For every group a homepage will be generated automatically. The content of this homepage is administered via the page My Site. Visitors of the website can see the content (profile, pictures, reading reports and partners) when they search for their own group via the page Find Group.
In order to guarantee anonimity, groups are enabled set reading rights for their reading report(s) to public or just partner(s). Your email address will not be visible to other visitors and users of this site.

How to find a partnergroup?

You will find descriptions of all groups in the section Find.  You can filter these to find groups from a specific country or other characteristics. Clicking in the group's title will bring you to the homepage of that group. If you find their profile interesting, you can leave a message requesting partnership. The groupfacilitator will be informed by email about your request. He or she then can grant or reject  your request. In both cases you will get a response by email.  However, if you don't get a message within two weeks, then that group might not be active anymore.  Please inform us about unresponding groups.

Vice versa we do hope you will react within two weeks if  you yourself receive an emailmessage requesting partnership.

If your group is not available for partnership, for example because you already found a partner, please update the contactinformation on your homepage. You can clear the checkbox called available.