Through the Eyes of Another
Intercultural Reading of the Bible

How to read?

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"We’re glad that even though we are across the globe from you, we are connected."

Shalom House

How to start reading?


In the process of finding a partner there is always a requesting group and a requested group. When the requested group accepts the request of the requesting group, the last one will create a working space for both groups. This space has utilities to chat, exchange reading reports and a calendar to schedule activities and so on.

The actual reading process consists of two phases:

1. In the first phase each group reads the chosen texts on its own. This can be done during one or more sessions. It is important to make a written report of your encounters. More about this you'll find in our protocol. This reading report has to be uploaded upon the website so it is available for the partner group.

2. In the second phase groups respond to the reading report of the other group.

The reading process is finished when both groups have responded to each other's reading reports and when this reaction is uploaded upon the website. However, the working space will remain open so you can keep in touch.